Amarillo Car Accident Seriously Injures Young Girl

Amarillo Car Accident Seriously Injures Young Girl

A frightening car accident in Amarillo, Texas, on Sunday, sent several people to a hospital after their vehicle collided, head-on with a utility truck driver the car’s driver attempted to pass another vehicle and lost control, police said.

The most severe injuries were experienced by 7-year-old Autiana Solis, who was a passenger in the Ford Contour that crashed into two other vehicles. Autiana Solia endured a broken femur and arm as well as a crushed skull, emergency crew members said.

Amarillo Globe News reported that the Ford Contour was driven by the girl’s Aunt, Alyce Mystia Solis. Alyce Mystia Solis attempted to pass a Ford Focus when the two vehicles collided, causing the Contour to lose control and veer into the opposite lane of traffic.

The utility truck that struck the Contour as it swerved into the northbound lane was driven by Lester Peterson, officials said. Peterson was transported to the hospital with injuries resulting from the crash. The Ford Focus was driven by Deavon Sandoval.

Authorities on the scene said Autiana Solis was not fastened in a child safety seat but she may have been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the car accident in Amarillo.

Autian Solis’ father, Matthew Solis was driving in a pickup truck several vehicles behind the Contour when the car accident took place.

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