The Carlson Law Firm changes a woman's life with a settlement of 6 times the policy limit

The Carlson Law Firm changes a woman’s life with a settlement of 6 times the policy limit

Tiffany Fletcher was attending a party at a relative’s converted garage, now known as “The Shack.” The homeowner had covered broken and uneven walkway pavers with a bar mat, concealing the uneven surface below. According to court documents, when Tiffany tried to go to the restroom in the house, she stepped on the uneven surface, causing her to fall. She broke her ankle and tore her meniscus. She later developed a condition known as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Many Texas lawyers will not take a slip and fall case because of the difficulties imposed on holding premises owners liable. Todd Kelly, a Carlson Law Firm Partner, took on the case and sent a demand for the $100,000 policy limits. Allstate refused to pay, denying liability. Kelly filed suit and began the discovery process, taking depositions and hiring experts to explain the damage caused to Tiffany and her family as a result of the neglect of her host. After 3 years of litigation, and the file having been transferred from Allstate’s in-house attorneys to a more experienced outside counsel, the case settled last week at mediation for $600,000 – six times the policy that had been demanded three years earlier.

“While $600,000 doesn’t seem like a lot of money for a woman whose life has been devastated by Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, given the difficulties with Texas Law created by our legislators over the past decade and a half, we are pleased that we could do something. Tiffany Fletcher can no longer earn a living for her family – hopefully this helps fill in some of the gaps.”

The Carlson Law Firm is happy to have made a difference in this woman’s life, and while no promises can ever be made regarding cases like this, the Carlson Law Firm stands ready to assist others in need, who have been hurt or killed by the neglect of others.


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