Collision Sparks Rollover Accident in Midland, Five Injured

Collision Sparks Rollover Accident in Midland, Five Injured

Failure to yield the right of way resulted in a rollover accident in Midland after an SUV ran a red light, smashing into a smaller car and causing it to overturn. Five people were injured in the car accident in Midland, Texas, police said.

Officials identified Denise Washington, 57, as the driver of the Mazda car that rolled over as a result of the impact. Washington was transported to the hospital with critical injuries resulting from the Midland car accident.

Two other passengers in the Mazda were transported to the hospital with injuries as well. Police have not yet released their names.

In addition, the suburban SUV occupied two other people who were injured in the auto accident.

Police are still investigating the motor vehicle accident in Midland and have not given out any tickets in relation to the collision.

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