Couple Awarded $5.7 Million after Truck Crash

Couple Awarded $5.7 Million after Truck Crash

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 25-Mar-2011

A personal injury case recently came to a close for a California couple who were the victims of a terrible motor vehicle crash in 2009.

The accident occurred when the couple stopped their van in a safe area to put on snow chains. As they were stopped on the side of the road, a utility truck weighing over 10,000 pounds, rear-ended them. The crash had tragic consequences for the man and wife.

The couple’s attorney argued the utility company the truck driver worked for was negligent because no snow chains were on the truck and the driver was not trained to drive in snowy conditions.

The husband’s back and pelvis were severely injured. A former marathon runner, he can no longer walk without a cane or do basic activities like pick up his children. The jury awarded him over four million for pain and suffering and over one million for medical bills and lost wages. His wife also received $200,000 for loss of consortium and emotional suffering, as well as additional funds for her medical bills.

Experts have noted that the monetary award in this auto accident case is significant considering the accident did not result in the plaintiff being paralyzed, and sometimes pain and suffering is difficult for jurors to put a dollar amount on.

No amount of money, however, can adequately compensate the couple for the physical and emotional pain they are enduring; hopefully the funds will ease the financial burden they have experienced as a result of the tragic accident.

Source: Clovis couple gets $5.7m in utility-truck crash suit


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