Potential Problems with DePuy Hip Implants

Potential Problems with DePuy Hip Implants

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Mar-2011

Several plaintiffs are bringing lawsuits against DePuy Orthopedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson. They allege that the hip implants manufactured by the companies were not properly tested before being sold to consumers, and that this negligence resulted in injury to patients using the medical devices.

Most implants are supposed to last patients the rest of their lives. With the DePuy implants, several plaintiffs have had to undergo additional surgeries to correct problems allegedly caused by the faulty hip implants. These revision surgeries can be difficult because of the decreased bone and increased scar tissues surgeons have to work with.

DePuy voluntarily recalled the problematic medical devices last year when data revealed that within five years, one in eight patients required corrective surgery.

Dr. Kevin Bozic, vice chairman of orthopedics at San Francisco Medical Center, explained that the 12 percent failure rate is roughly double the industry average. “It was a design failure that frankly wasn’t picked up until they were implanted in thousands of patients.”

The recall affected the ASR XL Acetabular System, a total hip replacement which was FDA approved and used in the U.S. The recall also applied to the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, used in a procedure to conserve bone. Although the resurfacing system was not yet approved in the U.S., some patients may have received it through clinical trials or if they traveled outside the U.S.

Worldwide over 90,000 systems were implanted. Patients implanted with the Depuy hip implant devices should consult with their doctor to asses if the implant is causing any problems. Symptoms affected patients may experience include pain and difficulty walking. Physicians may check patients’ blood for microscopic particles of metal surrounding the implant. Such particles may indicate the implant is failing.

Patients injured by the faulty hip implants may also want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain advice about any potential claims they may have.

Source: Two Hip Replacement Implants Recalled


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